Cera Guard envisages emerging as a global leader, offering value-added solutions to the automobile, commercial, household and infrastructure sectors, through leveraging the latest in ‘green’ technology. We are committed to delight customers, while delivering value & creating wealth for all our stakeholders.


Evolve innovative business strategies and harness the talents of our tech-savvy, fully motivated team to come up with solutions derived from nature itself.


To ceaselessly strive towards being a global enterprise, building a corpus of trust through offering world class products and services. Our aim is to excel in our sphere of activity to become the first choice partner and employer.

Who We Are?

Cera Guard is a next-gen Business House that believes in making people's lives easier with the help of technology, while keeping an eye on our carbon footprint. Focused on Go Green Nano Protective Coatings that employ state-of-the-art technology, we constantly strive to push back the frontiers through pursuing continuous research as well as investing in ground breaking ideas.


Our Products


Cera Guard is a unique ceramic molecular compound formula that forms a transparent, semi-permanent bond with the surface, resulting in a durable, stable silicone layer. The multi-functional coating is dirt, oil & water-repellent, resistant to UV rays, scratches, corrosion, chemicals, extreme heat and even graffiti. The protective coating is invisible to the naked eye and does not wash away with cleaning or in the rain. It also helps prevent swirl marks and marks from washing.

Cera Guard is ideal for use on Aircraft, Boats, Cars, Motor Bikes, Alloy Wheels, Metal Surfaces like MS, Brass, Copper Silver, Aluminium and lots more.


The ceramic coating of Cera Guard provides your vehicle with a transparent protective layer resistant to rain, oil, bird droppings and dust in addition to enhancing the life of the paint. The coating repels dirt making it easier to clean the vehicle without leaving any swirl marks.


  • Oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic (Water and Oil repellent)
  • UV Resistance and Xanthochromia proof
  • Advanced chemical resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Graffiti and Fingerprint proof
  • Increased durability
  • Mild scratch resistance
  • Dirt repellent
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